LBRY Update: Preview of Web Version.

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The LBRY team announced today that they are inviting you to check out an early preview of the web version of LBRY!

Until now, the only way to use the LBRY platform was through their desktop app. This update will allow users to interface through the browser at beta.lbry.tv. The LBRY team did say not to expect much to work beyond playing videos and audio at this time, but that features will be rolling out.

LBRY is a place where anyone can publish a piece of digital content, anyone else in the world could access it, for free or for payment, and that entire system works end-to-end without any centralized authority or point of control!

The Latest Update from earlier this month adds a host of new features.

Admittedly, some of these features are just now in the beta phase, but the importance of them is not to be understated. Providing blockchain resources to the masses is no easy feat. Doing it with a good end user experience requires a LOT of “full nodes” to be run.

OpenBazaar talks about this problem. They have been using the IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) which has been under rapid development by Protocol Labs as a way to create mobile apps, but they have apparently found a way to write apps with full nodes on mobile. It’s not ready for prime time yet, but at least it is on the way.

LBRY is making its own path with its own protocol, stating reasons that both BitTorrent and IPFS are flawed for its use case. This means that they will be developing a different way to tackle the blockchain on mobile issue. As a matter of fact, LBRY has already released a working Android app. Again, it has a limited feature set, but it too is on the way.

I have been using LBRY for a long time and tracking their progress along the way. The feature that needed the most work is one of their focus points now, search.

Until now, content discovery was not good at all. The team needed to build the foundations of the protocol before they could get to the search function, but it seems that significant changes are rolling out now. This is clearly a key feature of success and I really look forward to seeing how they do things.

I hope you take the time to check out the LBRY platform. It has seen a slow, but steady progression, but from what I can tell, things are really coming together now and big feature releases look to be just over the horizon now.

For another LBRY update that I think is particularly interesting to Steemians, check out my recent article about the Spee.ch Update which allows for free media storage and hosting and even community access.

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