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Welcome to the Open Communications Wiki.

Getting started[edit]

This is a collaborative project. Please make an account and jump in here.

Join us on Discord, in our #communications channel:

Information from this wiki will be used to create quality essays and other productions on the Open Communications Site

Initial Content[edit]

  • CB (11 meter)
  • FRS
  • Ham Radio (uv5r for beginner and ft3dr for advanced)

Intro to Communications:[edit]

  • Listen more than broadcast.
  • Get Ham radio licence. Ham Radio Crash Course on You Tube.

MURS provides exactly the kind of service you are asking about.[edit]

   MURS is license-free
   All MURS radios must be FCC Type-Certified for legal use in the USA

  • Players: We always want a list of the people and projects that are actively working to create advancements in Open Communications production and distribution.