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Welcome to the Open Communications Wiki.

Getting started

This is a collaborative project. Please make an account and jump in here.

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Information from this wiki will be used to create quality essays and other productions on the Open Communications Site

Mesh Nets

  • Definition of Mesh Nets
  • Why Do We Need Mesh Nets?
  • Recommended Technologies For Mesh Nets
  • Mesh Net Communities


  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Censorship resistant options.

Initial Content

  • CB (11 meter)
  • FRS
  • Ham Radio (uv5r for beginner and ft3dr for advanced)

Intro to Communications:

  • Listen more than broadcast.
  • Get Ham radio licence, not so much for compliance, but for education. Ham Radio Crash Course on You Tube.

MURS provides exactly the kind of service you are asking about.

   MURS is license-free
   All MURS radios must be FCC Type-Certified for legal use in the USA

  • Players: We always want a list of the people and projects that are actively working to create advancements in Open Communications production and distribution.