Spee.ch Update

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Spee.ch is a free and open source, decentralized, censorship-resistant (all that goodness) app that you can use to share images and video. It runs on the LBRY network.

You can do more than just share them, you can host your media there.

It has come a long way since I watched the live stream of CEO Jeremy Kauffman show us how to build an application on the platform. Of course, at that time it was a simple and rough app, but it worked. I have been uploading my pics there since then (until recently when I used SteemPress) to use in my Steem articles. It’s a great tool for Steem because I just upload to Spee.ch and use the embed code right in the edit box.

Easy peasy.

Like I said, it has improved. Now you can create channels and share those channels. You can even password protect them so that others can contribute to your channel.

Pretty cool, huh?

This is all just for the free content. You do have to use the actual LBRY protocol to host paid content. Currently that means their desktop or Android app.

Either way, I can imagine all sorts of uses for this.

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