Follow Friday: Indie Journalists

Some Indie Journalists on Steem

  • @activistpost: “Alternatve news and independent views.”
  • @an0nkn0wledge: Lots of resteems from other alternative news channels and some original content.
  • @benswann: Very promising journalist got shiny hair and moved to a new platform he is CEO of, Isegoria Ugh.
  • @cfs.leaks: Last posted six months ago. There are more current channels, I will find them.
  • @corbettreport: Top shelf stuff. Consistent, excellent content.
  • @dbroze: [The Concious Resistance Network](
  • @deepdives: South America, leaks and other interesting stuff.
  • @disenthrall: Lots of Larken Rose and other alternative narrative stories.
  • @dollarvigilante: One of the biggest and longest running liberty media producers. [](
  • @familyprotection: One of the most dedicated and worthy groups on Steem. Exposing the people who think they own your kids.
  • @informationwar: A decentralized group doing all the good decentralized stuff.
  • @johnvibes: [The FreeThoughProject](
  • @joshsigurdson: Alternative narrative. Finance and crypto. Canadian.
  • @pennsif: Steem news. All about the players and projects on Steem and more.
  • @pressfortruth: Alternative narrative. Canadian.
  • @rebelskum: Hasn’t posted since last year. Where are you, @rebelskum?
  • @rt-international: Mainstream news, but with a not really mainstream flavor. Definitely not FOX or CNN.
  • @steemleak: Lots of leaks.
  • @taskmaster4450: All the news about Steem turned good. If you think any news about the platform is bad, go here to see how it is actually good news for the platform.
  • @wearechange: Founded by Luke Rudkowski. Independently exposing corruption. Hasn’t posted in about a year.

If you know of more, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update this list.

Open Source Journalism Series.

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