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My Vision for Personal Meshnets

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I want to create a NextCloud optimized mesh network which also distributes internet from my home and phone and also uses vehicles and other things as distribution points. Of course, this would be able to grow organically and my fantasy is to see exactly that amongst my friends. I would love to be able to supply the equipment and knowledge to make it super easy for others to take and use as they wish.

While the home and cell phone internet are being distributed (I’m not yet sure how cellular internet gets brought on to the network) other services and servers can run on things like Raspberry Pis, laptops or whatever.

In the long run, this could go a long way to making cell phones obsolete (and so much more).

Where I’m Coming From

It has been a few years since I spent much time and effort focusing on meshnet technology, the communities and players, but this has percolated back up on the top of my mind. At the time I was really focusing on meshnets, CJDNS was the main tech at the time. Now I need to confirm that CJDNS is still the best technology and look into the state of the projects out there.

A Little More Specific

We really should be trying to establish our own peer to peer encrypted networks, and this is how we could do it.

Routers run on Ubiquiti to run the links and servers run on Raspberry Pi could make use of readily available quality hardware and software. This fairly simple setup could run the majority of the needs I have for my personal and professional needs.

Plans From Here

I’m going to spend some time now looking into the players and communities. I’ll document everything I can and try to keep curating as I go. Again, I would like to be a part of making things easy for others.

This is really just back to the beginning for me. From here, I will keep updating and start trying to build the networks as well as share everything I can. I really look forward to this and I really hope for success.

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